Courses for Forensic Interviewers

Coming Soon! September 2014 

NICHD Ten-Step Forensic Interviewing Training

The Midwest Regional CAC  partnered with Tom Lyon to expand his NICHD Ten Step Forensic Interview Training  and make it available online to CAC staff members and MDT partners!

The best news is this NEW online course meets the NCA Accreditation Standard for Forensic Interviewing.  Course contents include: overview of the Ten-Step Interview, which follows the NICHD protocol, child development, rapport building and narrative practice, question types, interview instructions, allegation phase and follow-up questions, cultural competency, time, number and repeated abuses, thoughts and feelings, reluctance and recantation, asking children about preferences, peer review, and tips for testifying.

Satisfactory completion indicates that the participant has participated in all of the training including; the pre and post test, required readings/quizzes and participated in a live peer review of one of their interviews. Homework outside of participation in the online streaming will be given and completion expected. Once all of these requirements are met you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion from the eLearning portal.

Registration will open in September 2014!  Learn More

DateeLearning CourseInstructorDeliveryTime
07/23/2014Best Practices in Child Forensic InterviewingPatti Toth, JDEduNet Webinar1:00pm-3:00pm (CST)
09/10/2014The Forensic Interviewer as a Defense ExpertNDAAEduNet Webinar1:00pm-3:00pm (CST)
10/23/2014Social Media and Child AbuseJustin Fitzsimmons, JDEduNet Webinar1:00pm-3:00pm (CST)
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Available NowChild Interviewing: Update on Research and PracticeTom Lyon, Ph.D.EduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowReducing Victimization for Individuals with Disabilities, Behavior and CommunicationScott J. Modell, PhDEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowTom Lyon Forensic Interviewing Webinar Series- Fall 2013Tom Lyon, Ph.D.On-DemandOn-Demand
Available NowInterviewing and Child Trafficking Katie ConnellEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowTips for Foreign Language InterpretersLisa Aronson Fontes, PhDOn-DemandOn-Demand
Available NowUnderstanding and Communicating with Children with DisabilitiesScott Modell, Ph.D.On-DemandOn-Demand
Available NowAutism Behavior Checklist/Case Studies/Interview ScenariosScott J. Modell, PhDOn-DemandOn-Demand
Available NowAbuse, Behavior, and Communication: Its Impact on Responding to Crime Victims with DisabilitiesScott J. Modell, PhDOn-DemandOn-Demand
Available NowPoly-victimization: Childhood Exposure to Multiple Forms of VictimizationSherry Hanby and Heather TurnerEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowTips for Testifying in Child Abuse CasesJustin Fitzsimmons, JDEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowUnderstanding Perpetrators of Sexual Crimes Against Children, Part IKenneth LanningEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowChild Interviewing: Update on Research and PracticeTom LyonEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowMinimizing Miscommunication in Child Forensic InterviewsJulie KennistonEduNet WebinarOn-Demand
Available NowTom Lyon Forensic Interviewing Webinar Series-Spring 2014Tom Lyon, Ph.D.Live Online/On-DemandOn-Demand
Coming Fall 2014!NICHD Ten-Step Forensic Interviewing CourseTom Lyon, Ph.D.On-DemandOn-Demand
No ArchiveThe Prepare and Predict Model of Forensic Interviewing Ale Levi and Diane SiegelEduNet WebinarNo Archive