Rebecca Moles, MD

Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Program | Connecticut Children's Medical Center - Hartford, Connecticut

Rebecca Moles, MD is a board-certified Child Abuse Pediatrician and member of the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) program at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, CT. Prior to CT Children's, Dr. Moles was an Associate Medical Director of the Yale Child Abuse Programs in New Haven, CT for 2 years and was the director of the Child Protection Program at UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA for 7 years. Dr. Moles serves as an expert peer reviewer for the Sexual Abuse My Case Review and was a developer of the myQIportal PA. Dr. Moles is clinically active in the evaluation of children who are suspected victims of child abuse and is the Director of Education for the SCAN program. She has served on the Executive Committee of the AAP's Council on Child Abuse and Neglect for the past 7 years and is an advocate for educating medical and nonmedical audiences about child abuse.