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Is there a fee or cost associated with EduNet Recorded Resource?
EduNet Recorded Resources are always FREE! There is no charge for CEUs or cost to participate. 

Do I receive a certificate for viewing an EduNet Recorded Resource?  If so, how do I access the certificate?
Once you have completed registration for the recording(s) you would like to watch, you will receive an email confirmation. In the email confirmation will be a link to the recorded resource evaluation and certificate. When you are done viewing, follow the link to complete the evaluation. Once you have completed the evaluation you will be directed to complete a form for your certificate of completion. All of our certificates are automatically generated and sent to you via email. Please remember to check your junk mail or spam folder. If you watched the recording with your MDT and/or CAC you can print a certificate for yourself and for any members of your MDT and/or CAC who participated in viewing the recording at your site.

Do I need a Username and Password to access the EduNet Recorded Resource?
You do not need a Username or Password to access EduNet Recorded Resources.  Please note, however, that you do need to complete an online registration form for each recorded resource. Once you have registered for the recorded resource(s), you will receive an email confirming your registration and providing you with a webinar link.

I deleted the email with the Evaluation Link and now I can’t print my certificate . . . what can I do?
Email Kia Kehrer at kia.kehrer@childrensmn.org and request the evaluation link for the specific recorded resource you viewed.

I want to share an EduNet Recorded Resource with my MDT . . . What is the best way to do so?
EduNet Recorded Resources are meant to be shared with your MDT and Staff.  CACs do this in a variety of different ways.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Connect a laptop with speakers to a projector or other monitor (T.V., computer, etc). Host your group after Case Review or schedule monthly “Lunch and Learns.” Facilitate a conversation on how the recorded resource does or does not apply to your community or client population. Complete the evaluation for the group and print certificates to distribute at a future meeting. 
  • Send the EduNet link to your team. Highlight specific recorded resources you feel may be of interest, and send reminders about upcoming recorded resource(s). 

I’m confused and don’t know what to do.  I really want to talk to a live person.
Please contact Sara Lee at sara.lee1@childrensmn.org or phone at 952-992-5277.

What is EduNet?

Midwest Regional EduNet is a series of expert lectures on a variety of multidisciplinary topics. All recorded resources are offered free of charge. Topics are chosen for this series based on the NCA Accreditation Standards and will be of interest to the entire multidisciplinary team.

Continuing Education Credits

All webinars have been designed to meet the Minnesota Board of Social Work Continuing Education Units.

Accessing the Recorded Resource

All EduNet Recorded Resources are recorded and available at least one year after release date. To access the archive simply click on "View the Recorded Resource" and complete the registration form. Following registration you will be directed to the recording and be able to access the recorded resource immediately. In the case you want to watch it later, you will also receive a email that contains a link to the recording as well as the recorded resource evaluation. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation email. In either scenario you can share the webinar with your team, complete the evaluation, and print a certificate of attendance.

For any programming questions, please contact Sara Lee at sara.lee1@childrensmn.org.
For any technical questions, please contact Kia Kehrer at kia.kehrer@childrensmn.org.