myCasereview — Anonymous, High-Quality, Expert Peer Review

Independent review of examination interpretation is required by the National Children’s Alliance and recommended in recent literature. Participation in myCasereview, our anonymous expert review program, will provide you a benchmark against which you can measure your level of diagnostic agreement with expert diagnosticians.

Why Participate in myCasereview?

    • Utilize high-quality, cutting-edge technology to ensure valuable case review.
    • Anonymously connect with a nationally-recognized Child Abuse Board Certified Pediatrician (the reviewers are blinded to your identity, and you are blinded to theirs).
    • Receive a timely response within 48 hours of case submission.
    • Have the opportunity to give feedback about your review and reviewer.

Participation in myCasereview is NOT to be utilized for “second opinions” or initial diagnoses. Rather, it is to be utilized for medical peer review of examination findings in sexual abuse cases. Its purpose is to further facilitate accurate diagnoses by medical providers examining children who have been sexually abused. Submitted cases should be recent enough to reflect the clinician's current practice (within 12 months of the date of service).

This platform relies on the functionality of, a HIPAA-compliant file storage system. If you do not already have an account on, you can set up an account for free.

Please note that cases will not be reviewed on the following dates: December 31-January 1; Memorial Day; Fourth of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving and the following Friday; nor December 24-25. You are still able to load cases, but they will not be assigned for review until the next business day after the designated holiday. We appreciate your understanding.


The medical provider seeking to use myCasereview services must complete this form.

Cost Structure:
Individual Subscription Rate:  Unlimited cases are $100 per person per year (January through December). You may register at any time during the year, but please keep in mind that your subscription will end at the end of December.
Chapter Subscription Rate: We are pleased to offer state Chapters the opportunity to provide expert medical review as a member benefit to CACs in your state.

<10 = $100/clinician/calendar year

11-15 medical providers = $1,000/Chapter/year

16-24 medical providers = $1,500/Chapter/year

25+ medical providers = $2,000/Chapter/year

Midwest Chapter Waiver: Thanks to a partnership between Midwest Regional CAC and Midwest State Chapters, medical providers affiliated with a children's advocacy center in the Midwest are granted a subscription waiver for 2023.  For subscription questions or additional information, reach out to Kim Martinez, Program Manager of Medical Academy, at
Policy Regarding Pattern of Misclassification

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myCasereview User Manual

Download the myCasereview User Manual for a step-by-step guide on how to submit cases and to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Key Publications

Review key publications on medical evaluations and interpretation of medical findings.

Video Tutorial

Watch a brief video that walks through the case submission process (case information is hypothetical and for demonstration purposes only).


myCasereview is a service to make child sexual abuse expertise available to all children’s advocacy center medical providers regardless of location. The service provides reviews by an expert for educational and quality improvement purposes — it is neither for initial diagnostic or treatment purposes nor to serve as a second opinion for a specific case. This service is not a replacement for a consultation or to address issues related to a specific patient.