myQIportal - Continuous Quality Improvement Project

ABP Approved Quality Improvement Project for Child Sexual Abuse for Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatricians

Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center is home to the American Board of Pediatrics Approved Quality Improvement Project, myQIportal, in partnership with Children’s Minnesota. The intent of the project is to improve documentation and diagnostic accuracy of child sexual abuse evaluations. All of our expert reviewers are Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatricians who are committed to improving quality in the field of child sexual abuse diagnostics and helping clinicians provide the best possible care to victims of abuse.

This project involves the submission of 3 case sets. Each case set should consist of 5 consecutive sexual abuse cases you have evaluated. The submission of consecutive cases allows the reviewers to assess your present photographic technique and diagnostic skills, not just your difficult or tricky cases.  After the submission of each case set you will receive feedback and be assigned interventions by a reviewer from our Expert Review Panel. You will have 1 month to complete the assigned interventions before submitting your next case set. Upon the completion of all 3 case sets you will be provided with a certificate of completion and a final report of your progress during the project.

Length: Successful completion of myQIportal can take as little as 2 months and as long as 1 year.
Audience: Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatricians
Cost: $250.00
Credits: This quality improvement project is approved by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and qualifies for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit for Performance in Practice. For more information on ABP certified quality improvement projects and MOC 4 credit requirement visit This program is approved for 25 Part IV MOC credits.

What information will I need to submit a case?

  • Patient demographic information (Age, Sex, Race)
  • History
  • Physical exam findings
  • Genital exam findings
  • Anal exam findings
  • Clinical images (A minimum of 2 images in the following digital still formats, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and GIF)
  • Diagnostic Impression
  • Access to, a HIPAA-compliant file storage system, to access your case files, reviewer feedback, and interventions. If you do not already have an account on, you can set up an account for free.


Please note that cases will note be reviewed on the following dates: Memorial Day; July 4; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving; and December 24-January 1. You are still able to load cases but they will not be assigned for review until the next business day after the designated holiday. Thanks for your understanding.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Stimson at