Multidisciplinary team collaboration is the heart of the CAC model. Team facilitators have a unique and essential role in fostering accountability, inclusiveness, and effectiveness between and among team members. To support this key position on the team, Midwest Regional CAC has developed the programs below, each of which are designed to impart knowledge, enhance skills, and build community.

Click on the images below to learn more about each program.

Community Consult Circles

Consultation calls with fellow facilitators from across the Midwest

Core Concepts for Team Facilitation

Online course with a virtual community

Leading Engaged Teams

Two-and-a-half-day in-person training for team facilitators

New Training/Technical Assistance Brief

Beyond Case Review: The Value of the Role of Team Facilitator in the Multidisciplinary Team/Children’s Advocacy Center Model

We are excited to announce a new resource that speaks to the important role that Team Facilitators play in building engaged and healthy functioning teams. The training and technical assistance brief linked above was developed as a collaborative project by the four Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers. It is intended to clarify and elevate the role of the Team Facilitator and its value to the efficacy of the MDT model. Click above or here to download.

Questions? Contact Sara Lee at or at 952-992-5277.